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Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Neighbors?

Okay, he's hard to see, but he's there. He's staring at me. And his brother is hiding behind him. Two adolescent racoons have taken up residence in our neighbor's wood pile. I'm torn between thinking they're cute and fearing for our chickens' welfare.

As the neighbor and I discussed this dilemma, we began to wonder what right we had in considering "removal" of these two critters. After all, racoons and other animals are simply a part of urban life. In fact, you're far more likely to see a racoon in the city or suburbs than out on a hiking trail. My block is their block. My yard is their yard. My garden and my neighbors' trash are their sources of food, and our structures have become their homes.

How do you protect your flock and still find the capacity to respect nature's need for wildness?


  1. Thats a tough choice. We have been there a few times ourselves. We live trap when we can. Good luck.

  2. You will change your mind when they start getting in your garden. heheheehe. 780 ears of corn in ONE night. lol

  3. It seems like a dilemma right now but once your chucks are threatened it feels quite different. We have an assortment of traps etc but thenour neighbours just got a new dog that dug his way in and attacked them. It's heartbreking when it happens so best be vigilant.

  4. Good luck. Keep a close eye on your hens. They are pretty crafty and skillful at breaking and entering


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