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Saturday, November 7, 2009

We bought this house...

My name is Robin. My partner is Aimee. Two years ago we bought a house. Her name is Josephine. Josephine was built in 1912. She's holding up well for a girl of her age.

When we bought our house, our last thought was remodeling or changing things, but a home is a constant work in progress, which was one of our very first lessons in home ownership. That first year, around June of 2008, we were forced to do a complete, down-to-the-studs remodel of our upstairs bathroom. I now have a jetted tub, so life worked out well in the end. The remodel was the last in a long line of expenses, including (but hardly limited to) replacing the roof, installing functional gutters, and having a fence built around the property. It had been a long first eight months of home ownership.

Our second year with Josephine was a bit more under control. Her old, flaking paint, originally a pale green, was scraped off and replaced with a deep blue. The neighbor across the street loved it, proudly bringing over a can of Bud Light to describe how we had matched the colors on the can of her favorite beer, right down to the black and white stripe above a line of red. I think I managed to reply something like, "Oh." The front yard has been landscaped on one side, and the seasonal 'creek' we installed now channels water from the roof away from the foundation and our seasonal 'pool' in the basement. Aimee and I built six raised beds out of cedar posts and boards, and we collected more lettuce and green tomatoes than you can shake an organic stick at.

But our crowning achievement, as the girls out back will happily tell you, was the construction and subsequent occupancy of our chicken coop. Our girls were all hatched on Monday, August 3rd, 2009. They arrived in the mail two days later, peeping and ready to eat us out of house and home.

The girls are now comfortably established in their coop, and we eagerly await the day the our first egg will arrive.

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