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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet the Girls

The following pictures are from the end of the summer when the girls were about four weeks old. They're a lot bigger now, but it's harder to tell them apart since their adult feathers have come in. I'll post current photos of them in a day or two, or whenever they decide to hold still long enough to have their pictures taken!

This is Raquel(Welch). She was the biggest and friendliest from day one.

She is quite the looker.

This is Ursula (Andress). She has a beauty mark by her left eye. Ursula and Raquel are Dominiques.

Ellen (DeGeneres) refused to hold still.

Portia (di Rossi) knows she is gorgeous. Portia and Ellen are Silver Speckled Hamburgs.

Norma Jean (Marylin Monroe) looks a bit scrawny, but she has consistently outweighed her sister Ingrid by half a pound.

Ingrid (Bergman) is the runt, and we sometimes call her Napoleon. She has no idea that she is tiny. She and Norma Jean are Golden Campines.

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