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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Annual Visit to the Fair

Each year we celebrate our anniversary with a trip to the Evergreen State Fair. I know, terribly romantic! Still, nothing makes me smile like baby piglets, stroking the mane of a Clydesdale, or watching the pygmy goat kids play.

But what about the chickens?

It's lots of fun to walk through the poultry and waterfowl barn. The roosters crow, some of the hens guard eggs in their cages, and the geese nip at children's fingers.

A lot of the chickens at the fair are banties. This little roo was quite the gentleman. I don't see the appeal of miniature chickens, but many urban farmers think they're great. Me? I love fat, fluffy, sassy hens.

This one looked so much like Winnie! Now that our girls are officially hens (except for the pullet crew of two), showing them at the fair or with poultry groups is more appealing. It can be a lot of work to get your chickie ready for dispalying and judging, but perhaps we'll try it!


  1. If it is something you both love then I get the romance part. ;) On our first date (my husband and I), we went to Lowes... He really knew how to make a girls heart swoon. ;) My heart still races every time I smell all that lumber. lol

  2. The chicken in the second to last picture is a Blue Cochin. Nice birds. We have one. Her name is fancy

  3. Love the birds, we're thinking of showing too for a laugh. I think our girls would quite like the attention - let us know if you do it!


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