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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Animal (chicken), Vegetable (Apple), Miracle (Birthdays)

I've been reading a lot over the last few weeks, what with school slowing down for finals and spring break. It's nice not to feel bound by course requirements, even if it won't last. Math 141, Chemistry 121, and Political Science 101 begin next Monday. I'm cramming in the garden books while I still have free time. Here's a list of what's captivated my attention so thoroughly this spring.
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is an endearing journey through a family's year of local eating. I've found myself laughing along many times. This book (and its website) contain a number of tasty-looking recipes for eating local produce and meats that are in season. I doubt I'll get Aimee to choke down anything with eggplant in it, but I'm always eager to try new dinner menus.
Okay, you knew sooner or later I'd have to admit being a Michael Pollan junkie. I originally got hooked by The Botany of Desire, which is a great read. The film version of it was on PBS not that long ago, and it was equally enthralling. What I enjoyed most about In Defense of Food was its semi-cynical manner of breaking down and discrediting every major diet fad America has known, including the one proposed by Michael Pollan himself.
I followed Jenna's blog for a few months before finally wrangling Made From Scratch from the clutches of the Everett Public Library, and it was worth the effort. Again, this was one of those books you chuckle along with as you read it on the bus or train, but I can't say she's got me convinced to playthe hammered dulcimer just yet. I will admit that her trials and errors with chickens alone made me feel like a truly accomplished urban farmer (seeing as we currently have an 83% survival rate amongst our hens).

All of this reading has got me (and, to some extent, us) thinking about eating more locally and more seasonally. The eggs from the backyard are great (our monthly tally is already over 100 for March), and I know we'll have plenty of produce from the garden in the front yard come July and August, but we'd like to go further. The Everett farmer's market doesn't start up until June this year, so these changes are going to require thinking outside the box.

Do any of you eat seasonally and locally? How about some advice for the novice!

Today is also my birthday. While their importance decreases over the years, birthdays should still be infused with a bit of fun. One present (though it wasn't intended as such) arrived on the porch while we were out walking the dogs this morning. Two of our older computers are being replaced with a new iMac. This thing is so huge I think we'll need to build a new desk for it. I can't wait to get home and play with it!! Additionally, the much anticipated weekend of Seattle Tilth classes is almost upon us. I've signed up for two classes: Goats 101 on Saturday, and Muchroom Cultivation on Sunday. What kind of wine goes best with chevre and porcini mushrooms?


  1. I just finished the Animal Vegitable and Miracle. It got me thinking too. I already eat as much locally as I can. It gets to become kind of a game. It's fun. I want to read Made from Scratch. I haven't found it yet. I do follow Jennas blog though.

  2. I think that finding a local farmer for meat and a dairy farmer is pretty easy. It took us a couple hours of research to find ours but we were glad when we did! Also planting more in the garden so you can freeze, can, and store as much as possible is always cool!

  3. Happy birthday!!

    And thanks for the great book recommendations! I too am an avid reader and always love to hear what others are reading.

  4. Hi there. Thanks for visiting Bee Haven Acres. We, too, have read the books and try as much as possible to grow our own, buy local, and buy organic when possible. There are just some things that we don't eat...and sometimes I miss them, but I feel it is the right thing to do! It is so good to see others such as yourself inspired in this direction. And Happy Birthday....mine is a week from yours.


Shout out to the peeps.


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